Harwinder Kaur Hari Ram


The increased population pressure has led to the maximum use of chemical fertilizers especially in the major crops such as rice, wheat and maize production. India has an ever growing population needing food and also the growing urban middle class with higher standards of living is on the lookout for better quality product. The introduction of improved seeds increases the utility of traditional inputs and their consumption as well. Because of genetic variation, BVC 223, Qingnong 8, IPA99, CT 01217, Luomai 8, Seher 06, Sistan, Punjab 2011, Rasco 2005, PBW 343, Halna, HP 1744, VL Gehun 892, WH 1022, PBW 621, and PBW 550 cultivars of wheat crop differ in growth and development behaviour and respond higher to different nitrogen management practices. However, ever increasing prices of Nitrogen (N) fertilizers and possibilities of environmental pollution and groundwater contamination warn for their judicious and efficient use. The application of essential plant nutrients particularly N nutrient in optimum quantity (120-150 kg/ha) and right proportion (3-4 splits) through correct methods and time of application (LCC and green seeker based) is the key to increased and sustained crop production. The increase in quality due to nitrogen fertilization (120-330 kg/ha) may be due to its role in activation of cells division, metabolic and photosynthesis process and nutritive status of wheat plant. Keeping in view above all facts in mind, performance of wheat cultivars as influenced by different nitrogen rates will be discussed in this review.


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Cultivars, Grain quality, Grain yield, Nitrogen levels, Wheat

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