Jagbir Rehal Gagan Jyot Kaur Harsimrat K. Bons


The post-harvest physico-mechanical properties of fruits is important in adoption and design of varioushandling, packaging, storage and transportation systems. These are important for sizing and grading the fruit beforemarketing as well as demarcate their end use. Geometric, gravimetric and textural properties were determined forthe fresh samples of W. Murcottmandarin. The results show that W. Murcottfruit diameter varies from 81.82-68.97mm, equatorial length varies from 86.51-68.43 mm, and length varies from 61.33-52.08 mm. The specific mean areais 57.591 with the sphericity of 0.90. The L, a, b values were 53.37, 42.9 and 49.68 respectively. The firmness variedfrom 1.351-1.650 kgf. These physical attributes can be taken into consideration while designing the grading andprocessing equipment.




Mandarin, Mechanical properties, Physical properties, W. murcott

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Studies on physico-mechanical properties of W. Murcott mandarin. (2017). Journal of Applied and Natural Science, 9(1), 80-84. https://doi.org/10.31018/jans.v9i1.1154

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