Shaik Javed K. Vijaya Lakshmi C. Narendra Reddy B. VidyaSagar M. Shanthi


The present investigation was undertaken to find the impact of abiotic factors on seasonal incidence and sucking pest complex of brinjal under field conditions during kharif 2015-2016. The incidence of leaf hopper population (2.80 Lh/L i.e., Leaf hopper mean population/leaf) was noticed during 34th standard week and reached peak by 40th standard week (5.00 Lh/L) (October) whereas the aphid population was noticed during the 34th standard week (3.00 Lh/L) and peak population observed during the 40th standard week (4.60 Lh/L) (October). Correlation studies showed that among the various abiotic factors, maximum temperature showed highly significant positive correlation (r= 0.77) and sunshine hours (r = 0.61) showed significant positive correlation with the leaf hopper population. In case of aphid population, maximum temperature showed significant positive correlation (r = 0.70), rainfall showed highly significant negative correlation (r = -0.74) and relative humidity evening (r = -0.59) showed significant negative correlation with aphid population. The present investigations will give a brief idea about how the abiotic factors influencing the sucking pests of brinjal.




Abiotic factors, Aphids, Brinjal, Leaf hoppers

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