Surabhi Hota K. Arulmozhiselvan


A method of crop production of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) was attempted in field using Nutriseed Packs with drip irrigation. Nutriseed Pack is a tubular assembly composed of degradable polymer paper encapsulated fertilizer and manure pellet, designed for placing in the root zone soil of seedling at the time of transplanting. Urea/Diammonium phosphate (DAP) as source of N, single superphosphate (SSP)/ DAP as source of P, and muriate of potash (MOP) as source of K were used. The effect of paper wrap and addition of maida flour as a natural gel to fertilizer pellet was tested. The highest values for growth parameters such as plant height, number of main branches per plant and number of lateral branches per main branch were recorded for Nutriseed Pack with 50% NP(SSP)K with Wrap + Gel in all stages. Total fruit yield was highest in Nutriseed Pack with 50%NP(SSP)K with Wrap + Gel (43.1 t ha-1), which was 4.6 t ha-1 (11.9 %) higher than yield obtained in surface broadcast as 100%NP(SSP+DAP)K (38.5 t ha-1).The highest uptake of N(112.4 kg ha-1) and P (13.32 kg ha-1) was recorded for Nutriseed Pack with 50% NP(SSP) K with Wrap + Gel, while the highest K uptake (105.6 kg ha-1) was recorded in surface broadcast at 100%NP (SSP+DAP)K. The promising effect of placement of Nutriseed Pack has been brought out in the present study as an alternative means of crop production in terms of increase in fertilizer use efficiency upto 50% in place of surface application of fertilizers.


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NPK, Nutriseed pack, Surface application, Tomato

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