M. R. Umesh Y. M. Ramesh Manjunatha Banuvally M. Y. Ajayakumar Sangu Angadi


A field experiment was conducted at Raichur, Karnataka with an objective to find out production potential of grain corn planted in clumps and rate of fertilizer application. Design followed was split plot and repeated thrice with rate of fertilizer application as main factor and planting geometry as sub factor. Treatments consists of planting corn at 2, 3, 4 seeds/hill compared with single seeds/hill (60 cm x 20 cm) and farmers practice uneven spacing. In clumped plants inter row spacing is similar (60 cm) and intra row distance is differ to maintain uniform plant density (83,333 plants/ha) in each treatment. Recommended dose of fertilizers (RDF) was applied in 2 splits and 150% RDF in 3 splits. Results revealed that planting 2 seeds /hill at 60 cm x 40 cm recorded significantly higher yield, economics of corn as compared to 3 and 4 seeds/hill and farmers practice. As increased plant population per hill maintains higher soil moisture at 75 days after planting (7.5-9.4%) and lower dry matter per plant at harvest (236.3 to 185.5 g) as compared to conventional planting. Application of higher (150%) fertilizers in 3 splits recorded higher dry matter production, grain yield, and economic returns over RDF. This may be useful strategy for corn productivity enhancement by clump planting with higher fertilizer rate.


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Clump planting, Corn, Planting geometry, Soil moisture

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