Pardeep Kumar M. K. Nautiyal Kuldeep Kumar


The present study was undertaken with the objective to determine the nature and magnitude of variability, degree of association between yield and it`s component characters and their direct and indirect effects on grain yield in rice. The experiment was conducted on rice in year 2013-14 at Borlaug Crop Research Center of G. B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar, Uttarakhand. All the traits had positive correlation to seed yield per plant of rice except days to flowering at genotypic level and at the phenotypic level. At phenotypic level panicle length (0.2145) and harvest index (0.4713) had highly significant level and positive correlation to seed yield per plant. Grain number per panicle (0.1550) and panicle number per plant (0.1398) showed positive and level of significant correlation with seed yield per plant. The days to flowering (-0.1879) have highly significant level with negative correlation to seed yield per plant. Path analysis showed the positive and direct effect on seed yield per plant at genotypic and phenotypic level for panicle number per plant (0.393 and 0.380 respectively), panicle length (0.236 and 0.198), grain number per panicle (0.646 and 0.112) and harvest index (0.443 and 0.448). While days to flowering (-0.175 and -0.167) and plant height (-0.037 and -0.008) had negative direct effect. The traits which showed positive correlation and positive direct effect on seed yield per plant can be used to increase seed yield for further breeding programs and may be given due importance in selection during rice breeding programme.


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Correlation, Line X tester, Negative, Positive, Path analysis, Rice

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