A. Poornima R. Jagadeeswaran Balaji Kannan R. Sivasamy


In the present study an attempt was made to generate cadastral base from high resolution satellite image (LISS IV) and to integrate with land use land cover information. The digital cadastral map with survey number for Kolathupalayam village in Erode district of Tamil Nadu was scanned, digitized and parcels were extracted. Similarly parcels or field boundaries were digitized and extracted from satellite image and were statistically compared by area. The area obtained from both the source through digitization correlated well with a pearson correlation of 0.87 and it was significant at 5 per cent. Thus, the area comparisons from both methods are significant indicating boundaries of individual fields generated from satellite image matched well with the one generated from cadastral map. The cadastral base generated from satellite image was overlaid on the classified image (level III output) to identify and generate land cover information against each survey number. Thus, the LISS IV data can be used for the identification and extraction of cadastral boundaries with good accuracy.


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Cadastral base, High resolution data, Integration of LULC with cadastral base

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