Rajni kant Sabeta Kohli Garima Chhajer M Malathi P.S. Mohan


The structure of 3-bromomethyl-2-chloro-quinoline crystallizes in the triclinic crystal space group P‘1 with unit cell parameters a=6.587(2), b=7.278(3), c=10.442(3) Å, a= 83.59(3)°, b= 75.42(2)°, g= 77.39(3)°, Z= 2, V= 471.9(3)Å3. The structure has converged to a final R-value of 0.0734. The phenyl Ring-B has normal geometry while the pyridine Ring-A has slightly distorted conformation. The asymmetry parameter calculations, i.e., DC2 and DCs for the pyridine ring indicates that the structure is planar. There exists one intramolecular hydrogen bonded interaction of the type C-H…Cl and one C-H…N intermolecular interaction. The structure is stabilized by Van der Waals forces.


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Crystal structure, Activity, Quinoline, Hetereocyclic compounds, X-ray structure

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