Priyamvada Chauhan Geeta Pandey Pradeep Kumar Pandey


In this study a laboratory experiment was conducted to assess the effect of different potassium priming sources on seedling growth and vigor of sorghum genotypes. Priming with KH2PO4 gave best results for SOG (23.052), RL (19.667) and VI (2,291.9). KCl found to be better at lower concentration (150mM) for all the characters i.e., FGP (73.11), MGT (3.90), SOG (21.776), RL (18.444) and VI (2,272.6). However, KNO3 gave better results at higher concentration (300mM) for MGT (3.11), SOG (16.779), RL (18.056) and VI (1471.0). KMnO4 was found to be better than KCl (300 mM) and KNO3 (150 mM and 300 mM) for FGP (60.0), SOG (19.187), RL (19.256) and VI (1,998.3). Among genotypes, CSV15 gave the best results for all the vigor indices. The interaction between genotypes and treatments was recorded to be non-significant for all the characters except FGP at 0.05 level of significance. It can be concluded that seed priming with different potassium sources showed better results over control for all the characters in different sorghum genotypes. So, it may serve as appropriate treatment for accelerating the seed vigor of sorghum.




Potassium solutions, Potassium priming sources, Seedling growth, Seed vigor, Sorghum

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