Sheeraz Ahmad Wani Sameera Qayoom Mohammad Amin Bhat Bilal Ahmad Lone Aijaz Nazir


A field experiment was carried out to determine the optimum sowing date and nitrogen (N) level for the scented rice cv. Pusa Sugandh-3. Twelve treatment combinations of 3 sowing dates, viz., 15th, 16th and 18th standard meteorological week (SMW) at an interval of 10 days and 4 nitrogen levels (‘0’, ‘40’, ‘60’ and ‘80’ kg N ha-1) were tested randomized in split plot design with three replications. Significant highest plant height (98.56 cm), tillers m-2 (333.41), dry matter (98.38 q ha-1), panicles m-2 (310.05), spikelets panicle-1(130.25) and grains panicle-1 (98.55), grain yield (45.2 q ha-1), harvest index (41.20 %), head rice recovery (47.5 %) and B:C ratio (3.03) were recorded for the early sown 15th SMW crop. Among the different nitrogen levels tested significant highest plant height (98.12 cm), tillers m-2 (342.33) dry matter (100.68 q ha-1), panicles m-2 (321.83), spikelets panicle-1(132.83) grains panicle-1 (96.79), grain yield (48.0 q ha-1), harvest index (42.68 %), head rice recovery (44.54 %) and B:C ratio (3.38) were recorded with the application of 80 kg N ha-1.Therefore, the variety, Pusa Sugandh-3 should be sown earlier in season from 15th to 16th SMW and with nitrogen application of 60-80 kg N ha-1 for realizing economically higher grain yield and profit under the temperate climatic conditions of Kashmir valley.


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Grain yield, Head rice, Nitrogen levels, Pusa Sugandh- 3, Sowing dates

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