Kaustubh Bhagawati N. K. Chadha Debajit Sarma M. S. Akhtar Paramita B. Sawant Simanku Borah


The golden mahseer (Tor putitora) is an important and high valued sport and food fish of national and international importance. Therefore for promotion of golden mahseer, proper mineral supplementation in early developmental stages is very important. The present study evaluated the effects of dietary zinc on growth, survival
and physiological response of Tor putitora fry. One thousand eight hundred fry (avg.wt 54.35±3.09 mg) were randomly distributed into 6 treatment groups with triplicates each. Six iso-nitrogenous (40±0.02% to 41.44±0.01% crude protein) semi-purified diets were prepared with graded levels of dietary zinc. Zinc sulphate was added as the dietary zinc source to the basal diet. The results indicated that specific growth rate (SGR) was of value 2.52 ±0.23 gm of T. putitora fry which increased with dietary zinc levels up to a concentration of 40 mg Zn Kg-1 in diet. The zinc dependent metabolic enzymes and antioxidant enzymes was also observed to be highest in groups supplemented with 40 mg zinc/kg feed. The overall results of the present study suggest the efficacy of dietary zinc on growth, survival and physiological response of golden mahseer fry in order to garner the possibility of establishing the species to commercial aquaculture.


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Isonitrogenous, Metabolic enzymes, Specific growth rate, Tor putitora

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