Jyoti Prabha Bishnoi Rakesh Gehlot S. Siddiqui


Ascorbic acid and total phenol in frozen aonla pulp on zero day of storage was found to be 365.5 mg/100g and 2.1 mg/g while in dehydrated aonla pulp it was 2.3 mg/100mg and 14.7 mg/g which was found to decrease with the increase in storage duration. However, significant increase (CD at 5% Level) in total soluble solids (TSS) and non-enzymatic browning was noticed with the advancement in storage duration. The decrease and increase in physico-chemical characteristics were more significant in dehydrated aonla pulp as compared to frozen aonla pulp. Mean score for sensory attributes of dehydrated aonla pulp at zero month of storage was fairly less than frozen aonla pulp. Moreover, there was more significant decrease in value of sensory attributes of dehydrated aonla pulp during six months storage period compared to frozen aonla pulp. Thus, present study was first in its kind to determine and compare chemical composition and overall acceptability of frozen and dehydrated aonla pulp obtained from aonla fruits cv. Chakaiya during storage for optimizing there use in further development of value added aonla product.


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Aonla, Chakaiya, Dehydrated, frozen, Physico-chemical, Pulp, Sensory characteristics

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