Arti Verma Sonia Sood Yudhvir Singh


The present investigation was carried out to identify desirable parents and F1 hybrids in okra by involving eight diverse parents in a diallel mating design excluding reciprocals. Genotypes i.e., P-20 and VRO-4 for earliness; 9801 for first fruit producing node (-0.085), internodal length (-0.659) and fruit length (0.201); HU for average fruit weight (0.603); Tulsi-I for nodes per plant (0.429), fruit length (0.271) and plant height (12.068) were found good general combiners appeared to be worthy of exploitation in future breeding. It is suggested that involving these lines, new genotypes may be developed through multiple crossing for isolating high yielding varieties. The cross combinations VRO-4 × HU, Tulsi-I × SKBS-11, P-20 × Tulsi-I and P-8 × Tulsi-I showed high SCA effects as well as per se performance for yield per plant. The crosses showing high SCA effects and per se performance for yield per plant suggested that these hybrids may be exploited in further breeding programme.


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Abelmoschus esculentus, Combining ability, Diallel analysis, Okra

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