R. N. Kulloli Manish Mathur Suresh Kumar


Present study was aimed to explore the influence of top down factors on ecological attributes of Commiphora wightii collected from seven districts of arid and semi arid parts of the Rajasthan. Ecological variables in respect of 46 accessions of this species were quantified. To assess the explanatory factors governing quantified ecological variables, soil samples were collected to analyze soil texture, soil EC, pH, available potassium, available phosphorus and total soil nitrogen. Results showed that there was a specific relationship between soil variables and occurence of C. wightii. The mid ranges of potassium (200-300 kg/ha) emerged as favourable to have better density and health of C. wightii: This is the first report on regulatory role of potassium on distribution and occurrence of C. wightii.


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Commiphora wightii, Distribution, Population, Principal component analysis, Soil variables

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