Kumari Richa Gupta Alka Prasad Ranu Tripathi Jaya


The present study was conducted to find out the prevalence of vitamin A deficiency(VAD) among school going children of district Allahabad in year 2015 to assess the nutritional status of selected school going children (aged 6-12 years). The six months study was based on school going children in four selected village in Jasra block of Allahabad district.A structured Performa was used to collect the information. Out of the 105 children examined, 2 (1.90%) had clinical signs of night blindness. The overall prevalence of VAD was found to be 10.47%. Most of them exhibited dull and lusterless appearance of conjunctiva, non-had bitot’s spot, any corneal xerosis, corneal scare and keratomalacia. The prevalence of VAD was higher in girls rather than in boys. To overcome this problem of VAD persisting in community, nutrition education regarding regular intake of plant food rich in carotene such as green leafy vegetables, yellow fruits, carrots and animal foods containing retinol like fish liver oil, fortified food like vana- spati, margarine should be strengthened.


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Night Blindness, Nutritional Status, Nutrition Education, Plant Foods, Vitamin A deficiency

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