Vivekanand P. Rao Sanjay Singh R. Chaudhary M. K. Sharma R.S. Sengar Uma M. Singh Vinay Sharma


In the present study, 14 sugarcane (Saccharum spp. hybrid) genotypes were used for genomic diversity analysis based on nineteen inter simple sequence repeat (ISSR). These nineteen sets of ISSR markers generated a total of 164 discernible and reproducible bands including 109 polymorphic and 55 monomorphic bands. The unweighted pair group method with arithmetic average (UPGMA) analysis revealed three distinct clusters: I, II and III within the 14 genotypes. The polymorphic information content (PIC) value per locus ranged from 0.14 (UBC811) to 0.53 (ISSR1) locus with an average of 0.42 for all loci. The range of genetic distance or coefficient of similarity among sugarcane genotypes varied 0.14 - 0.78. The analysis of these similarities matrix revealed that greater similarity between CoS03234 and CoSe1424 (0.78), and lowest similarity between CoS03234 and Co0118 (0.14). The knowledge gained in this study would be useful to future breeding programs for increasing genetic diversity of sugarcane varieties and cultivars to meet the increasing demand of sugarcane cultivation for sugar and bio energy uses.


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Genetic diversity, Inter simple sequence repeat (ISSR) marker, Unweighted pair group method with arithmetic average (UPGMA)

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