R. P. S. Verma A. S. Kharab J. Singh Vishnu Kumar Indu Sharma Ajay Verma


AMMI analysis of feed barley genotypes exhibited highly significant effects of environments, genotypes and interactions for both the years. The major portion of the total variance was described by the environmental effects up to 45.6% and 42.3% in respective years. The genotypes effects contributed marginally as of only 8.6% and 6.9% of total variation. The significant interaction effects were partitioned into IPCA1, IPCA2 , IPCA3 and IPCA4; which explained upto 42.4, 18.3, 9.7 and 8.1% of the first year and 32.2, 20.3, 15.6 and 10.5% for second year. The cumulative effect of first two interaction principal components comes out to 60.7% and 52.3% respectively. Maximum genotype yield during study period varied from 49.8 to 48 whereas the lowest yield ranged from 37 to 36.4 q/ha. AMMI stability index identified genotypes G9(BH 972), G15(JB 274) for former and G23(DWRB 109) & G2(KB 1205) for latter year. AMMI distance marked G15(JB 274) & G7(NDB 1561) for first and genotypes G26(UPB 1034) & G23(DWRB 109) for the second year. Desirable genotypes for selection would be G11(PL 871), G27(PL 872) and G23(DWRB 109), G20(BH 946) for respective years a per the GSI score. Genotypes with IPCA-1 scores close to zero identified G1(PL 751), G9(BH 972) and G27(PL 872 ) for first year and G5(RD 2786), G4(NDB 1554) and G24 (UPB 1036) for second year would have wider adaptation to the tested environments as per AMMI graphical plots.


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ASV, Biplots, D, GSI, GxE interaction, IPCA, MET

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