Indu Sharma Ritu Bala Satish Kumar N. S. Bains


Karnal bunt of wheat caused by Tilletia indica can be a hindrance to wheat trade as the fungal disease is known to affect the quality of the grain. As a breeding strategy, a set of eight near isogenics lines (NILs) and backcross derived recombinant inbred lines (micro-RILs) were developed in the background of PBW 343 and WH542 for Karnal bunt resistance over a period of time. The donor stocks resistant to Karnal bunt used in the study were ALDAN ‘ S’ / IAS 58, CMH 77.308, H567.7I, HD29, HP1531, W485 and their derived lines KBRL 22 and KBRL 57. Effective method for screening to Karnal bunt was standardized and used for identification of resistant lines across many seasons. Some of the identified lines evaluated for yield were found to be equivalent to the high yielding parents and the commercially grown check varieties. These developed lines will serve as a basic material for production of Karnal bunt free wheat.


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Karnal bunt, Near isogenic lines (NILs), Tilletia indica, Micro-RILs, Resistance

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