Raj Kumar Rampal Neha Sharma


The present study was conducted to assess status of bacteria (Gram +ve and Gram –ve) in the indoor air of Households located in Jammu city. The study area was divided into eight Sites. At each site two Households were selected randomly and in each Household sampling of SPM (?g/m3) and bacteria (CFU/m3) was done twice at three sub sites. Total bacterial count and SPM was found to be maximum (9308.24 CFU/m3and1006.12 ?g/m3 respectively) in Households near Water Body and total bacterial count and SPM was minimum (5251.00 CFU/m3and 659.09?g/
m3respectively) in Households near Hospital. A significant positive correlation (r) was found between SPM and no. of Gram +ve (+0.18 to +0.78) as well as between SPM and no. of Gram –ve (+0.21 to +0.76) bacteria in the study area.


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Household, Indoor SPM, Bacteria, Correlation

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