Pawan Kumar P. S. Shehrawat Anil Kumar Rohila B. S. Ghanghas Ashok Kumar


The empirical study on prospects of Citrus sinensis cultivation by farmers indicated that overall prospects of masumbi (C. sinensis) crop were medium to high since 77.5% respondents belonged to these categories. Majority of respondents agreed that better market facilities (weighted mean score 2.72), increased purchasing power of people (2.65), better fruit quality (2.62), better economic return (2.53) and increase in demand of fruit were the major prospective aspects for its wider adoption (2.53), whereas better technical support (1.20) and better credit facilities (1.08) both were not up to the desired level as expressed by the farmers. So the government should make concerted efforts to further strengthen the highly prospective aspects like better marketing facilities, cultivars of better quality fruits at farm gate or village level. On the basis of result obtained, the prospects of masumbi (C. sinensis) cultivation may be high in future.


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Citrus sinensis, Cultivation, Fruit, Prospects

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Kumar, P., Shehrawat, P. S., Rohila, A. K., Ghanghas, B. S., & Kumar, A. (2016). Prospects of Citrus sinensis (masumbi) cultivation in Haryana State, India. Journal of Applied and Natural Science, 8(2), 782–784. https://doi.org/10.31018/jans.v8i2.873
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