Anil Kumar Rohila B. S. Ghanghas P. S. Shehrawat Pawan Kumar


The study has focused on socio economic profile, adoption level of Direct seeded rice (DSR) farmers and extension strategy to increase the adoption of DSR cultivation in Haryana (India). More than half of respondents (51.66 %) belonged to the middle age group 36-50 years and maximum 21.67 per-cent farmer qualification found metric. Majority of the farmers (50.83 per cent) had low level of socio-economic. Economic motivation of farmers was 70.83 per cent belonged to low to moderate level, whereas 67.5 per-cent of respondents belonged moderate to high innovation proneness. The overall adoption level of DSR technology was low to moderate, since 70 per-cent of respondents belonged to low to medium category.


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Adoption Level, Conventional method, Direct Seeded Rice, Socio economic status

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