Dileswar Nayak N. S. Patil L. K. Behera D. B. Jadeja


The present investigation was carried out at the Forestry Research Farm, Navsari Agricultural University; Navsari to evaluate the gamma rays at 10 kR, 20 kR and 30 kR induced variability in Jatropha curcas L. on germination, growth and yield for seven Jatropha genotypes (Phule J-1, Urlikanchan, Hansraj, SKN Big, Chhatrapati, Hansot and MPJ-55). The significantly maximum germination percentage (66.96%), seedling survival (74.18%), seedling collar diameter (0.958cm), shoot length (49.442cm), number of leaves per seedling (7.757) and leaf area (37. 58)
was observed in Chhatrapati genotype during nursery stage. While low rate of gamma rays treatment (10 kR) had stimulatory effect for germination percentage, seedling survival, seedling collar diameter, shoot length, number of leaves per seedling and leaf area. However, higher gamma rays doses (30 kR) drastically reduced all studied characters. The interaction effect of genotype and gamma rays were significant for number of leaves per seedling. Further, it was not significant in other traits like germination percentage, seedling survival, seedling collar diameter, shoot length and leaf area.




Gamma rays, Genotype, Jatropha curcas, Morphological traits

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