Anil Kumar Harshwardhan Harshwardhan Amarjeet Kumar Birendra Prasad


Combining ability and nature of gene interactions that contribute to yield and its attributing traits were investigated using 21 wheat hybrids developed by crossing 7 varieties in a half diallel mating design. Estimate of GCA effects exhibited that the parents UP2672, UP2526 and WH542 were identified as good general combiners revealing their ability in transmitting additive genes in desirable direction to their progenies. Hybrid viz., PBW 621 × UP 2425 (15.125) found to be the best specific crosses for grain yield plant-1, whether, WH 542 × HD 2967 (22.587) and UP 2526 × UP 2425 (14.490) had the highest SCA for biological yield plant-1 and harvest index, respectively. However, the best specific cross combinations for other characters were found for WH 542 × QLD 40 (-3.694) for days to maturity, PBW 621 × UP 2526 (-3.819) for plant height, HD 2967 × UP 2526 (7.527) for 1000 grain weight and WH 542 × UP 2672 (2.077) for sedimentation value. While crosses PBW 621 × UP 2425, UP 2526 × UP 2425 and QLD 40 × UP 2425 were found to be the best specific combiner for the characters number of productive tillers plant-1, grain yield plant-1, spike length, grain weight spike-1, harvest index, days to 75 % heading and protein content.




Combining ability, Common wheat, Diallel cross, Gene interaction, Quality, Yield

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