Neha Saxena Asha Dhawan Meera D. Ansal Vikas Phulia


The aim of the present study was to evaluate the effect of plant and animal sources in the diet of Labeo rohita with an overall goal of gaining sustainable fish and egg production. Fishes with an initial weight of 310-323 g were fed with five different isocaloric (3Kcalg-1) diets viz. D1 ( control diet- 30% rice bran + 70% groundnut meal), D2 (30% rice bran + 50% groundnut meal + 20% fish meal), D3 (30% rice bran + 50% groundnut meal + 20% mustard meal), D4 (30% rice bran + 30% groundnut meal + 20% mustard meal + 20 % fish meal) and D5 (30% rice bran + 30% soybean meal + 20% mustard meal + 20 % fish meal) @ 3% of fish biomass for 270 days. Significantly higher weight gain and better gonadal maturity was recorded in fishes fed with diet containing fish meal than other. Among diets containing fish meal (D2, D4, D5), fish fed on diet D2 resulted in higher somatic growth (35.67, 42.80, 28.10 and 18.48% higher net weight gain than D1, D3, D4 and D5, respectively) and better gonadal development (43.20, 50.08, 22.59 and 23.25% higher absolute fecundity than D1, D3, D4 and D5,respectively) in L. rohita. Hence, Our study revealed that for higher growth and better broodstock development, L. rohita may be fed on diet formulated with 30% rice bran, 50% groundnut meal and 20% fish meal.




Diet, Growth, Labeo rohita, Proximate composition, Reproductive biology

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