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This study considers the replacement of Semolina with malted finger millet flour containing wide range of nutrients in enrichment of pasta. The changes in nutritional constituents and bioactive compounds (TPC, Radical Scavenging Activity) of pasta were examined by adding malted finger millet flour to the pasta formulations at the level of 0 (T0), 10 (T1), 20 (T2), 30 (T3), 40 (T4) and 50 (T5) per cent flour replacement. The results indicated that T4 sample of finger millet flour added pasta contained more protein content i.e. 12.65 g compared to that of control pasta (T0) i.e. 7 g. Same way the calorie content of value added pasta was higher i.e. 409.94 Kcal/100 g as compared to control pasta (T0) i.e. 324.40 Kcal/100 g. Calcium content of value added pasta was comparatively very high i.e. 170.4 mg/100 g as compared to 15.3 mg/100 g of control. As far TPC content & DPPH % were considered, T4 sample of pasta have higher amount of both i.e. 220 mg Gallic acid eq. & 53.38 % as compared to control pasta (T0) i.e. 220 mg Gallic acid eq. & 17.59 % respectively. Pasta and related products are the most popular are the most popular food worldwide. Usually pasta and other extruded products are high in starch but low in dietary fiber, minerals and vitamins. The present study clearly indicates that the use of malted finger millet flour will improve nutritional quality of pasta in terms of antioxidant activity.




Bioactive compounds, Finger millet, Malting, Pasta, Radical scavenging activity

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