S. B. Aher B. L. Lakaria Swami Kaleshananda A. B. Singh S. Ramana K. Ramesh J. K. Thakur


A field experiment was conducted to evaluate the influence of organic farming practices on soil health and crop performance of Soybean (Glycine max).The crop cultivar JS-335 of soybean was grown with 30:26.2:16.6 kg ha-1 (NPK) recommended dose of fertilizers under three management practices viz., organic, chemical and integrated (50:50) in randomized block design, replicated three times. Soil organic carbon, available N, P and K, microbial enzymatic activities, total biomass, seed yield and harvest index (HI) were analysed during the study. It was observed that soil organic carbon (11.3 g kg-1), available N (125 mg kg-1), P (49.7 mg kg-1) and soil enzyme activities viz., dehydrogenase (DHA) (98.20 µ grams TPF/g soil/24 h) and alkaline phosphatase (178.2 µ grams p-nitro phenol/g soil/h) were found significantly higher in the plot managed organically while available K (320.1 mg kg-1) was not significant with respect to chemical and integrated practices. The total biomass (1927 kg ha-1) and seed yield (601 kg ha-1) of soybean was found highest in organic farming practices followed by integrated and chemical practices. Very poor microbial activities were observed in chemically managed plots. Thus, the study demonstrated that the organic farming practice improved soil health and performance of soybean crop.


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Crop performance, Organic farming, Soil environment, Soybean (Glycine max)

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