Sanjay Kumar Mandal Rakesh Kumar Amarendra Kumar Sanjay Kumar Yanendra Kumar Singh Rajesh Kumar


A field experiment was conducted to investigate the impact of resource conservation technologies on soil health and productivity of wheat in rice-wheat cropping system in split plot design with three replications. The physico-chemical parameters of the soils like pH and EC both maximum decreased almost significantly over control under treatments T2 (Ploughing twice by Cultivator, allowed to decompose weeds for a week then puddling by cross ploughing and planking), T3(Summer ploughing onset of monsoon by mould bold plough to invert the soil once in three years followed by subsequent ploughing by cultivator to puddle the soil) and C5 (GM + Paddy straw @ 50 q/ha) and C6 (GM + Rice husk @ 50 q/ha). Soil data revealed a highly significant increase in organic carbon content along with available N, P2O5 and K2O content under treatments T3 and C6 and their interactions(T3×C6)over control. This might be attributed to the improvement in physico-chemical properties of the soils. The significant (P<0.05) increase in yield attributes and yields of wheat grain and straw over control was observed under influence of the treatments T3 and C6 and their interaction except height and length of ear head. These observations were confirmed by the positive and highly significant correlation of yield of wheat grain with available N (r=0.74**), available P2O5 (r = 0.64**), and available K2O (r = 0.52**). Deep ploughing and green manuring in addition with other organic residues (GM+ rice husk) individually and/ or in combination improved the soil health significantly.


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Green manuring, Ploughing, Rice husk, Wheat

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