P. Shanmugapriya S. Rathika T. Ramesh P. Janaki


Weeds are the major biotic constraints in finger millet production and account for 41 to 63% yield loss. Weed management through herbicides plays a major role in increasing productivity. The field experiment was conducted at Anbil Dharmalingam Agricultural College and Research Institute, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Tiruchirapalli during Kharif, 2018, to evaluate the weed management practices on the growth and yield of transplanted finger millet under sodic soil conditions. The experiment was laid out in Randomized Block Design (RBD) with ten treatments and three replications. The treatment comprised weed management practices with different herbicides and their combinations. The results revealed that the highest plant height, total number of tillers/m2, dry matter production, leaf area index and crop growth rate were registered in PE application of bensulfuron methyl at 60 g/ha + pretilachlor at 600 g/ha fb EPOE application of bispyribac sodium at 25 g/ha. The highest grain and straw yield was also registered in PE application of bensulfuron methyl at 60 g/ha + pretilachlor at 600 g/ha fb EPOE application of bispyribac sodium at 25 g/ha, and it was on par with hand weeding at 15 and 30 DAT. Hence, in transplanted finger millet under sodic soil, the application of PE bensulfuron methyl at 60 g ha-1 + pretilachlor at 600 g ha-1 fb EPOE bispyribac sodium at 25 g ha-1 was found to be the most viable option for effective weed control besides increased productivity and profitability. 


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Growth, Transplanted finger millet, Weed management practices, Yield

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