D Rameshkumar Swarna Priya R Savitha B. K Ravikesavan R


Genetic advance denotes the improvement in the mean genotypic values of selected families over the base population. Thus, it helps the breeder select the progenies in the earlier generation. The objective of the study was to analyse the heritability, genetic advance and genetic variability for ten traits in brinjal contributing to fruit yield were studied in the F2 population obtained from the cross of Sevathampatti local x Seetipulam local. The study examined the subsistence of a significant extent of genetic variability for the traits considered. The characteristics of brinjal exhibited higher values of genotypic variation (GCV), viz., the height of the plant (20.93), yield per plant (17.42), number of branches (22.73)  and shoot infestation (56.39) and phenotypic coefficient of variation (PCV) viz., the height of the plant (21.10), yield per plant (22.32), number of branches (23.42)  and shoot infestation (57.24). However, the number of branches (45.44 %), height of the plant (42.76%), number of fruits (38.58%), fruit yield (28.02%) and shoot infestation (114.4%) exhibited high estimates of genetic advance and heritability for plant height (98.36), number of branches per plant (94.19) and shoot infestation (97.06). These characteristics can be effectively improved through selection. Association analysis mentioned that the yield of the fruit was significantly and positively correlated with the number of fruits, number of branches, individual fruits per plant and fruit girth. Direct selection may be executed because of these characteristics as the key choice of criteria to minimize the indirect result of additional traits throughout the improvement of high yielding varieties.


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F2 Segregating Population, Variability, Correlation and Brinjal

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