E. G. Oboho J. N. Iyadi


The growing of trees could be hindered by seed dormancy problems or unavailability of sufficient quantities of seeds, hence vegetative propagation using simple propagules like stem cuttings is a valued option especially for resource poor farmers. The rooting potential of mature stem cuttings of Gambeya albida, Irvingia gabonensis, Annona muricata, Garcinia kola and Triplochiton scleroxylon was investigated in a humid tent propagator without enhancement by artificial hormones. Propagation indicative parameters were estimated using percentages. G. kola had the highest root-ability indices with cutting survival rate of 85%, callus formation (75%), leaf loss (35%), days to axial bud sprout (55 days), days to leaf loss (23 days) and number of new leaves produced (9) at termination of study. T.scleroxylon had no survivals; an axial bud sprouted at 51 days but withered off by the third day. Other species were between these two extremes. Root-ability potential categorization for the species on the basis of this investigation was: easy to root for: G.kola and A.muricata, moderately easy to root for I.gabonensis and G.albida,unable to root for T.scleroxylon.The use of artificial hormone, juvenile stem cutting and somatic embryogenesis trials has been suggested especially for the moderately easy and unable to root categories.


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Callus, Propagation, Root-ability, Social forestry, Stem cutting

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