D. M. Agase K. K. Gupta A. Wasnik M. S. Markam S. B. Zade P. M. Mohurle T. S. Kothe


A biomarker can be measured, used to diagnose or classify disease, and measure progress as well as the therapeutic response of the disease. Early diagnosis and selection of appropriate treatment can be critical for the successful treatment of diseases. Identification and characterization of potent diagnostic biomarkers, and therapeutic targets rely heavily on traditional in vitro screens which require extensive resources and time. Integration of in silico screens prior to experimental validation can improve the efficiency and potency of biomarkers as well as reduce the cost and time of biomarker discovery. Considering the need, present work was undertaken to identify biomarkers for different classes of leukemia. Differential Gene Expression (DGE) analysis and co-regulated expression analysis were used for in silico identification and characterise a potent biomarker for leukemia. On the basis of in silico screening, the present study proposed seven protein-coding (CD38, TSC22D3, TNFRSF25, AGL, LARGE1, ARHGAP32, and PARM1) genes for the diagnosis of leukemia. The study also proposed a novel three-step lineage-specific model for the diagnosis of leukemia. In the three-step diagnosis model, the first group of biomarkers with an association of clinical and hematological parameters diagnose leukemia. The second group of biomarkers diagnoses acute and chronic form of leukemia. The third group of biomarkers identifies whether it belongs to myeloid lineage or lymphoid lineage.


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Biomarkers, Co-regulated Expression, Differential Gene Expression, Leukemia

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