Sandeep Gupta


The prolonged disposal of municipal waste influences the soil productivity factors. Therefore, the present study was carried out at dumping site near Chandi bridge Hardwar (Uttarakhand) to determine the effect of physico-chemical parameters of the solid waste on soil productivity factors of soil at different sites-  Site-A: It was near to slump area. Site-B (500 meter far from site-A: It was used for dumping and partially submerged with water and had a swampy condition, Site-C (500 meter far from site-B): It was near to Chandi devi ropeway and contained fresh as well as partially decomposed waste. Site- D and Site-E (500 meter far from site-C): It was used for dumping and had putrefied odour due to decomposition of fresh waste. The control site- X (Bilkeshwar mountain region): 10 Km far from experimental sites in N-W direction of Chandi bridge municipal waste dumping area at Hardwar (Uttarakhand), India during the year 2006-2009 at present these sites have been closed for dumping of waste. The soil productivity factors viz. available nitrogen (0.32 ppm), organic matter (0.89%) were found maximum at site-A, temperature (24.610C) at site-C and electrical conductivity (1.05 dSM-1) available phosphorus (33.16ppm), available potash (260.17ppm) at site-E of dumping area in comparison to the soil of control site-X (Bilkeshwar mountain range). At control site, bulk density (1.37 g/cc) and pH (7.65) were maximum while the bulk density (1.08 ± 0.22) g/cc at site-D and pH (7.02) at site-E were observed minimum. The results were statistically analyzed to indicate that the dumping of municipal waste influenced the pH and bulk density of soil and increased the acidity and porosity of soil through which pollutants leach to ground water. But higher amount of organic matter, N, P, K makes it fit for the raw material that may be used in fertilizing industries by using appropriate technologies. The study would be helpful for utilization of  municipal wastes   in compost formation and to indicate the influence of municipal waste on soil quality of the dumping sites of other places. 




Municipal solid waste, Productivity, Physico-chemical parameter, Soil, Soil fertility

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