Ganpat Louhar


Wheat is one of the most important cereal crop and staple foods in the world. Increase in productivity of wheat by balance nutrient management is one of the most crucial factors. The main objective this study is to assessing the role of micronutrients in improving different components of wheat yield. There are different methods of application such as seed priming, soil application and fortification but foliar application is more beneficial. This is due to response of foliar application has positive and quadrate in nature i.e. the optimum dose of foliar application of zinc for grain yield of wheat was observed as 0.04%. Among treatments of micronutrient alone or combined forms give better results over control. Results have show that micronutrient application substantially improved leaf area index (LAI), leaf area duration, CGR (Crop growth rate), RGR (Relative growth rate), NAR (Net assimilation rate), plant height, spike length, spikelets/spike, grains/spike, test weight, tillers m-2, grain yield, chlorophyll content and biological yield as well as harvest index of wheat. The yield and quality of wheat products improved and boosted by micronutrient applications. Therefore, human and animal health will be protected with the feed of enriched and balanced nutrition of produce as well as it will help in facing the severe global food security.


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Crop growth rate, Leaf area index, Micronutrient, Net assimilation rate, Relative growth rate

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