Barisha Mary Kurbah Rabindra Nath Bhuyan


Fresh water mud eel (Monopterus cuchia) is considered as a highly nutritious food fish having therapeutic value. Therefore, a study has been conducted to acquire information on the food and feeding habit of this species in relation to reproductive cycle. Relative Length of the Gut (RLG), Gastro-Somatic Index (GaSI) and Analysis of gut content have been studied. It was observed that insect larvae and zooplankton comprised the major part of Gut content. GaSI values of 2.70 (Spent), 3.14 (Pre-Breeding), 2.13 (Breeding) and 2.56 (Post-Breeding) was observed to be different from all the four stages. Moreover, GaSI value was lowest during breeding period and highest during pre-breeding period. Lowest GaSI value of 2.13 indicates period of low feeding intensity which coincides with breeding period. Based on the obtained results, Monopterus cuchia was considered as a carnivorous fish since the RLG value is less than 1.


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Feeding Intensity, GaSI, Maturity Stages, Monopterus cuchia, RLG

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