Raghu Ram M Suman Kumar Yepuru


Aspergillus oryzae isolatedon  Potato dextrose agar  from soil samples of kottakoduru seashore of Bay of Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, India seashore of Bay of Bengal by spread plate method and was screened for alkaline protease production on Skim milk containing agar plates and identified by clear zones of protein hydrolysis around colonies. Different physical and chemical parameters such as pH, temperature, substrate concentration and incubation time were optimized for the better production of alkaline protease. The maximum protease activity was found at pH of 8 containing 10% wheat bran at 300C, after 72 hours of fermentation.ZnSO4was effective activator for protease activity and sodium dsulphate had shownmore than 50% inhibition of enzyme activity. Among the different oil cakes used for the production of enzyme the Sesame  oil cake proved to be suitable substrate after wheat bran for the production of protease by Aspergillus oryzae.


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Alkaline protease, Aspergillus oryzae, Temperature, Wheat bran

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