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Kinnaur district is known as the dry temperate zone of Himachal Pradesh and is known for off season and quality production of vegetables.In this district of Himachal Pradesh, Natural farming is mostly done with the minimum use of chemical fertilizers. Farmers are unaware of the judicious use of farm yard manure, and biofertilizers due to which yield of the french bean is very low (50-70 q/ha). French bean is one of the most important vegetables intercropped with apple in Kinnaur District. An experiment was conducted during the summer season of 2011 at the Experimental Farm of Vegetable Research Station, Kalpa, Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh to study the effect of Rhizobium and Phosphorus Solublizing Bacteria (PSB) on the horticultural and yield traits in french bean var. Contender. Six treatments comprising seed treatments (with and without Rhizobium), seed treatment (with and without PSB) along with the combination of 60 % dose of recommended quantity of Calcium Ammonium Nitrate and 75 % dose of recommended quantity of Single Super Phosphate and organic matter were evaluated in a Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD) with three replications. The results revealed that T5 treatment, i.e. Rhizobium+ PSB+ Organic matter resulted in more number of pods per plant (20), pod length (18 cm) and pod yield/ha (140 q/ha) .




Biofertilizers, French Bean, Kinnaur, Pod yield, Yield

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