Poonam Kumari Archana Brar Jitender Kumar


ive aonla cultivars viz. Chakaiya, Banarasi, Hathijhul, Krishna and Kanchan were evaluated for shelf-life during storage at room temperature. PLW increased with increase in the period of storage in all cultivars (0-15 days). There was no decay loss up to 6th day of storage, however it was observed on 9th day of storage in all the cultivars and it increased up to 15th day of storage. Maximum PLW and decay loss was recorded in fruits of cv. Banarasi (8.14 % and 38.97 %, respectively) on 15th day of storage whereas fruits of cv. Chakaiya had minimum PLW and decay loss (5.83 % and 15.17 %, respectively) on same day of storage. Specific gravity and firmness decreased during the storage from 0-15 days in all the cultivars. Fruits of cv. Banarasi had minimum specific gravity (0.99) as well as firmness (10.83kg/cm2) whereas fruits of cv. Chakaiya had maximum specific gravity (0.93) and firmness (11.10kg/cm2) at the end of the storage. The present experiment was conducted to evaluate the different cultivars of aonla fruit for their biochemical and physiological behavior under room temperature storage and to find out the best among five cultivars for their shelf life under the Haryana agro-climatic conditions.




Aonla, Cultivars, Firmness, PLW, Specific gravity

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