Umesha Umesha B. C. Channakeshava K. Bhanuprakash D. Nuthan R. Siddaraju J. Lakshmi


An experiment was conducted to investigate the influence of packaging materials and seed treatments on storability of cluster bean under ambient conditions of Bengaluru. The experiment consisted of six treatments viz. control (T1), bavistin @ 2 g kg-1 (T2), spinosad @ 0.04 ml/kg (T3), neem leaf powder @ 1:20 ratio (T4), Acorus calamus@ 10 g kg-1 (T5) and cow dung powder @ 10 g kg-1 (T6) and three packaging materials viz., cloth bag (C1) super grain bag (C2) and poly lined cloth bag (C3). Treated seed samples were stored in three containers under ambient storage conditions up to the duration of which seeds maintain minimum seed certification standards and samples were drawn at bimonthly intervals for ascertaining the seed quality parameters. The study suggested that seed treat-ment could be useful to prolong the storage life of cluster bean seeds. The seeds treated with spinosad (0.04 ml/kg) and stored in super-grain bag were better for maintenance of higher seed quality parameters [germination (80.00%), root length (11.70 cm), shoot length (13.60 cm), mean seedling dry weight (152 mg), seedling vigour index I and II (2024&12140) and TDH activity (1.224) with low electrical conductivity (0.368 dSm-1)] up to 18 months under ambient conditions of Bengaluru (room temperature). Super-grain bag proved to be better storage container with higher seed quality attributes viz., germination (72.38 %), seedling vigour index-I (1726), total dehydrogenase activity (1.201) and other seed quality parameters compared to cloth bag. The study suggested that use of appropriate packaging material and seed treatment could be useful to prolong the storage life of cluster bean seeds.




Acaruscalamus, Cluster bean, Guar, Spinosad, Super-grain bag

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