K. Roy George G. N. Gokul N. A. Malini


In the present study, effects of exposure to different sub lethal concentrations of diethyl phthalate on hematological, biochemical and histological parameters of fresh water murrel, Channa striatus were evaluated. LC50 of DEP was determined and was found to be 70ppm for the present study. The experimental fishes were divided into control and DEP exposed groups. DEP exposed fish species were subjected to 0.4 ppm, 4 ppm and 40ppm concen-trations of DEP and observed after an interval of 7, 14 and 21days. Exposure to sub lethal levels of DEP revealed significant decrease in haematological parameters due to anemic condition induced by impaired haem synthesis. Exposure to DEP caused reduction in level of protein in muscle (*182.5, *180.7, *176.7, *176.1, *173.4,*167.5 and *165.7) and liver (*104.7, *98.6, *92.7, *87.7, *87.4, *86.4, *80.8, *75.6 and*68.6) due to impairment of protein synthesis. Levels of cholesterol in muscle and liver of DEP exposed fish were found to be decreased after treatment indicating either an inhibition of cholesterol biosynthesis in liver or reduced absorption of dietary cholesterol. Histo-pathological examination of liver of DEP exposed fish species showed necrosis in hepatocytes and cytoplasmic vacuolization. Histoarchitecture of kidney of DEP exposed fish species revealed shrinkage of glomeruli, glomerular distortion, vacuolization of tubular cells, necrosis and atrophy of renal tubules. As an endocrine disruptor, DEP interferes with the haematopoietic system metabolic machinery and histoarchitecture of organs of Channa striatus.




Channa striatus, Diethyl phthalate, Necrosis, Plasticizer

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