Ashutosh Srivastava Puja Srivastava Achla Sharma R. S. Sarlach N. S. Bains


Pre-anthesis carbon assimilation of stem reserves is considered as an important source for grain filling during post anthesis drought stresses that inhibit photosynthesis. 175 RILs from cross (C518/2*PBW343) along with check cultivars were evaluated for stem reserve mobilization under irrigated and rainfed conditions. These two cultivars belonging to distinct adaptation mechanism, offer several morpho -physiological and biochemical con-trasts. C 518 is tall and adapted to low input rainfed conditions whereas PBW 343 is semi -dwarf and input re-sponsive. Further C 518 is known for better stem reserves on account of larger peduncle and strong commitment to grain filling due to effective stem reserve mobilization. The parents and the RIL population was tested for stem reserve mobilization by defoliation of flag leaf and second leaf at anthesis under irrigated and rainfed environments. Evaluated entries differed significantly (p<0.001) for reduction in 1000 grain weight under defoliation (TGWL). Percent reduction in 1000 grain weight ranged from 4.4 % to 39.6 % under irrigated environment and 3.2 % to 35.0 under rainfed condition. A significant positive correlation (r = +0.357) between stem reserve mobilization and peduncle length was observed under rainfed condition. Tested RILs vary individually for stem reserve mobilization when subjected to removal of flag leaf and second leaf inhibiting the photosynthesis. The genotypes with better stem reserve mobilization based on 1000 grain weight in the absence of photosynthesis may also provide relative tolerance to drought.


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Carbohydrates, Defoliation, Sink-source modification, Stem reserve mobilization, Wheat

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