Ramya H.G. Satish Kumar Vidisha Tomer


The present article investigates influence of packaging material, storage condition and duration on quality attributes of osmo-cum-microwave dehydrated Pleurotus sajor-caju mushroom flakes during storage. Oyster mushrooms were dried by microwave drying technique to a moisture content of 6 % (w.b.) succeeding osmosis. The ultimate superior quality dried product obtained through optimization was stored in different packaging material for confined duration of three months at different storage conditions. Various quality attributes that assist in bestowal of overall consumer acceptability were studied during storage period. The present research study revealed that mushroom flakes were highly acceptable upto two months of storage that was packed in high density polyethylene by retaining much of the quality attributes. The outcome of the present investigation perhaps supportive for those involved in the post-harvest processing and value addition of oyster mushrooms.


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Microwave dehydration, Osmosis, Oyster mushrooms, Quality attributes, Storage

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