N. Khare D. Kumar S. Rout


A field trail was carried out at the research farm of the School of Forestry and Environment, SHIATS, Allahabad. The experimental research site is situated at an altitude of 90 m above the sea level at 25.570 N latitude and 81.510 E longitudes. The experiment comprised seven treatments replicated thrice. The maximum germination % (96.67%), plant height (83.73cm), number of branches/ plant (11.93), fresh weight (185.28g), dry weight (45.73g), at 110 days after sowing (DAS), number of pods/plant (91.67), number of seeds/pod (3.93), pod length (6.93 cm),test weight (90.73g), seed yield (23.87q/ha), straw yield (40.73 q/ha) and harvest index (36.94%) recorded in treatment T5. The result showed that the applications of organic manure (50% Farmyard Manure + 50% Vermicompost) maximized the soybean growth and yield under subabul trees. Therefore, it may be concluded that 50% Farmyard Manure + 50% Vermicompost can be recommended for growing soybean under subabul based Agroforestry system for obtaining better growth and yield.


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Agroforestry, Organic manure, Soybean, Subabul, Vermicompost

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Khare, N., Kumar, D., & Rout, S. (2016). Effect of organic manures on growth and yield attributes of Soybean (Glycine max L.) under Subabul (Leucaena leucocephala) based Agroforestry system. Journal of Applied and Natural Science, 8(4), 2219–2223. https://doi.org/10.31018/jans.v8i4.1115
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