Priyanka Sharma Amarjeet Kaur M. S. Alam


Guar bean (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba) offers a potential source of vegetable protein and fibre, however, its utilization in food is yet to be explored. Along with the nutritional value, its effect on other properties of food is inevitable. Thus, the present study was carried to study the physicochemical and functional properties (water absorption index, water solubility index, foaming capacity, foaming stability, oil absoption capacity and gelling strength) of flours from different varieties of guar bean ( i.e. G 80, Ageta 112 and HG 365) and related to each other using Pearson correlation. Significant variations were observed in the chemical composition of flour from varieties of guar bean on processing. Germination of seeds increased the protein significantly and highest levels of increased protein content were observed in G 80 (+21.6%). Dehusking significantly increased (upto 5.9%) and extrusion processing reduced (upto 23.6%) the L* value significantly in flours from guar bean varieties. Germination increased while extrusion processing reduced the WAI and WSI. Dehusking, autoclaving and germination were observed to increase the foaming capacity significantly; however, extrusion processing markedly reduced the foaming properties of guar flours. Extrusion processing immensely affected the gelling properties of flour from guar bean varieties and lead to loss of gel formation properties. Pearson’s correlation determined a significant correlation between processing treatments and functional properties.




Autoclaving, Extrusion, Functional properties, Germination, Guar bean

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