Koustav Mondal Ramkala Ramkala


Considering soil fertility evaluation of any area for sustainable production, an experiment was conducted to investigate the horizontal soil potassium status (K) of the soil surface of north-eastern region of Haryana. The study indicated that available K of surface soil samples ranged from 44 to 867 kg/ha with a mean value of 148 kg/ha
in Ambala district. In panchkula district it ranged from 44 to 865 kg/ha with a mean value of 138 kg/ha where as in Yamunanagar district K content varied from 62 to 441 kg/ha with a mean value of 147 kg/ha. Maximum K deficient samples were observed at Panchkula district that is 60.5 % followed by Yamunanagar and Ambala, 36.3 and 30.2 % respectively with an overall 41.3% K deficient samples. In case of Ambala 62.8% soil samples were mediumin K fertility and in case of Yamunanagar 52% soil samples were medium in K fertility. Nutrient index value for K was found 1.77, 1.76 and 1.47 in Ambala, Yamunanagar and Panchkula districts, respectively. On the basis of available surface soil K status a horizontal fertility map was prepared using GPS data. K fertilization is strongly suggested with recommended dose to check further depletion of soil available K of the surface layer.


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Fertility map, K status, Nutrient index value, Soil

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