Frequently Asked Questions

What is the publication frequency of JANS?
Four issues/year: March | June | September | December

What research areas are covered by JANS?
Agricultural Science | Animal Sciences | Bioinformatics | Biochemistry | Biophysics | Bio-mathematics | Biotechnology | Computational Biology | Environmental Science | Microbiology | Plant Sciences
How can I submit my manuscript?
The author should submit their manuscript using the Make a Submission link. Please DO NOT email your manuscripts. We have stopped accepting manuscripts over the emails to make our workflow faster and more efficient.

How long does it take to get the manuscript reviewed?
The review process is really dependent on factors like: receipt of processing fee, reviewers availability and response time. We try our best to get the manuscripts reviewed as soon as possible and have seen time frames ranging from 3-4 weeks.
Please be assured that quick turn around is a top priority at JANS, and we are making constant efforts to make the entire process as smooth as possible for the author.

What happens after the review process?
After the manuscript is reviewed by the reviewer, all the comments and feedback is shared with the author. The author is requested to make the changes as per the suggestions and resubmit the revised manuscript using the Submissions link. Once the editorial team receives the manuscript, it is checked for correction to make sure that the changes are as per the requested revisions. If all looks good, the manuscript is sent to the Editor-In-Chief who makes the final approval and sends the manuscript for publication. If the corrections are not as per the expectations, the manuscript is sent back to the author.

I submitted my new manuscript online. What should I do now?
If you paper is in the scope of the journal, you will get an email from our team with information to pay the processing fee. At all times, the progress of the manuscript can be tracked from the Submissions link.

I received the invoice email. What should I do now?
Please pay this amount through the link given in your invoice or refer to the Fee & Payment section of the website. Please note that a manuscript taken for review DOES NOT guarantee acceptance for publication. 
Do all authors have to pay the processing fee? 
No. Only 1 author has to pay the processing fee per manuscript. We do not charge all the authors. 

Do you provide print copies of the journal?
As part of our Go Green initiative, ANSF has decided not to provide hard copies. This will help us fulfill our environmental commitment to care of the earth for ourselves and generations to come. There will be nominal charges to cover publication and administrative costs. A secured pdf file of the published research paper/review article would be provided free of cost by e-mail to the corresponding authors. Authors can also view the manuscript on our website.

I have paid my processing fee. Will I get a confirmation of the payment?
Yes, you will get a confirmation of the receipt of payment within 24-48 hours. Sometimes it may take longer than that. Please feel free to reach out to us if you don't get the confirmation withing 5 days of the payment submission. 

How would I know if my manuscript has been sent for review?
A confirmation for the receipt of payment of processing fee means that the manuscript has been sent for review.

I have received an email from the editorial team with the comments and feedback of the reviewer. What's next?
Please review all the suggestion/comments/feedback carefully and then address them in your manuscript using track changes in the document. Once you have addressed all the corrections, please save your file and submit it again through the Submissions  link. 

I have submitted my revised manuscript through the online revised submission section. What should I expect now?
You will receive a confirmation from our editorial team. If there are any further revisions still required, we will reach out to you. 

My manuscript has been accepted for publication. What should I do now and when will my manuscript be published?
Congratulations! You will be required to pay administrative charges. If the MS is more than 10 pages, you will be intimated about the additional charges. Please refer to the Fee & Payment section of the website for more details. Upon the receipt of administrative charges, you MS would be sent for publication in the forthcoming issue.

What modes of payment are acceptable?
We prefer if you use our online payment gateways by PayU Money or InstaMojo. It helps us track your payments in a much easier way.
Please see we do not accept checks or demand drafts anymore. If you would rather prefer using the direct wire transfer through net banking, please refer to the Fee & Payment section of the website for more details.
Can I become a member? 
Yes, you can become an annual member or a life member of the Applied and Natural Science Foundation. Please refer to the Membership page for further details.
Do all authors have to become a member?
No, membership is not compulsary for any author.
What is FANSF?
Please refer to our Fellow of Applied and Natural Science Foundation (FANSF) page for more details