Priyanka Kumari Neelima R. Kumar


A new species, Megachile (Neocressionella) patialensis is described from Patiala, India. Full description of male with their floral relationship, morphological measurements and specimens examined is provided. Knowledge of the life history and nesting habits of Megachile bees will pave the way for their manipulation so that these can be used to increase pollination. Documentation of the genera and species will increase our knowledge of the biodiversity of these bees in the study area.


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Collection, Floral relationship, Leaf cutter bees, Megachile

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Kumari, P., & Kumar, N. R. (2014). Description of a new species of Neocressionella Gupta (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae) from North western India. Journal of Applied and Natural Science, 6(2), 779-781. https://doi.org/10.31018/jans.v6i2.535
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