Dimple Das M. M. Goswami


Anabas testudineus (Bloch) is a popular eatable fresh water fish. The fishes infested with helmnthic infection may be died off and the production may be decreased. Besides, the parasites could pass through man and other animals. The occurrence of parasites and their prevalence and intensity in the fish was studied from March, 2012 to February, 2013 in Hasila, Kumri and Urpad wetlands of Goalpara district of Assam. Three trematodes and six nematodes were collected from 309 out of 547 host fish. The trematodes were identified as Asymphylodora kedarai, Brahamputratrema sp., Neopodocotyl sp. and the nematodes were Camallanus anabantis, C.trichuris, C.intestinalus, Onchocamallanus sp., Parascarophis sp, and Cosmoxynemoid nandusi.


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Anabas testudineus, Goalpara, Hasila, Helminth, Kumri, Urpad

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