R. K. Sarkar J. C. Jana S. Datta


To study the effect of cutting frequencies and nitrogen levels on growth, green and seed yield and quality of upland water spinach (Ipomoea reptans Poir.) an experiment was undertaken with four cutting frequencies (C0 = no cutting; C1 = one cutting at 45 days after sowing (DAS); C2 = two cutting at 45 and 65 DAS and C3 = three cutting at 45, 65 and 85 DAS) and five nitrogen levels (N0 = no application; N1 = 50 kg/ha; N2 = 100 kg/ha; N3 = 150 kg/ha and N4 = 200 kg/ha). Results revealed that all growth, seed yield and seed quality attributes were found to decrease significantly with higher cutting frequencies, whereas, reverse effects on all physiological attributes, green yield and its quality parameters. On the other hand, nitrogen level (upto 150 kg N/ha) had significant effect and all these parameters. The highest green yield was recorded at three cuttings and 150 kg N/ha individually and also at their interaction (16.34, 12.57 and 17.77 t/ha, respectively). Maximum value of quality parameter like vitamin A (3072.9 μg/100 g) was recorded in one cutting with 150 kg N/hectare, whereas, maximum ascorbic acid was recorded maximum (45.31 mg/100 g) in one cutting without N fertilizer application Maximum net profit of Rs. 114324.00 with B: C ratio of 2.22:1 was obtained with combination of three cuttings and 150 kg N/ha and that may be adopted for its commercial cultivation in medium to upland situation under terai region of West Bengal.


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Cutting frequency, Growth, Ipomoea reptans, Nitrogen, quality, Water spinach, Yield

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