Nandini Math K. S. Jagadeesh Shakuntala Masur Pushpa Bharati


The lactic fermentation of cereals is known to improve the food quality through the development of flavor, enhancement of the nutritional value and shelf life, and by removing toxic or antinutritional factors of food products. Lactic acid bacteria (LAB) strains are able to improve the shelf life of several food products. The efficiency of the LAB cultures determined in in vitro assays was confirmed in bread manufacture. The sourbread prepared using 50 per cent yeast and 50 per cent LAB starter (based on cell density) was found to be superior to the conventional bread in textural characteristics, flavor, appearance and even taste. It contained enough protein (10.15%) and the least fat value (7.68%). It scored the highest acceptability index of 81.70. These results point out the advantages of using selected LAB strains as starter cultures for sourdough fermentation.


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Bread, Lactic acid bacteria, Nutritional profile, Sensory characters, Sourdough, Starter culture

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