Satyapal Singh Rana S. K. Bhardwaj Arun Kumar Saxena


In vitro rearing of amblyceran Phthiraptera is a challenging task. A look on the literature reveals that negligible information exists on the in vitro bionomics of avian Amblycera. Present report furnishes information on the in vitro biology of an amblyceran louse, Colpocephalum turbinatum, reared at 35 ± 1˚C, 75-82% Relative Humidity, at feather diet. The incubation period of the eggs of louse was determined as 5.37±0.67 days. The duration of first, second and third nymphal instars remained 5.04±0.65, 5.12±0.89 and 5.0±0.57 days, respectively. The longevity of adult female (13.04 ± 3.67 days) was comparatively longer than that of males (9.6±2.87 days). An adult female laid an average of 0.63 egg/day in vitro condition (35±1oC and 75-82% RH, at feather diet).


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Amblycera, Biting lice, Colpocephalum turibinatum, Pigeon louse, Phthiraptera

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